In the month of November, I did 30 Days of Thankfulness on Facebook. I want to share it here so I can come back to it in those occasions when I might momentarily forget why life is good.

I think I’ll keep going with it, though… 30 days was enough to create a habit and now I really enjoy that morning “tradition.” I invite you to join me in this process! I think you will be amazed by just how good you can feel and how much things in your life will shift when you are appreciating where you are now.

Here’s mine:

November 1: I’m thankful for being alive!
November 2: I’m thankful for my amazing husband, Seth, who has brightened every day and inspired me to be the best Jana I can be!
November 3: Today, I am thankful for being born into the most incredible, loving, supportive, unique family! I love you all!!!
November 4: Today, I’m thankful for my beautiful friend, teacher and athletic accomplice, Jove!
November 5: Today, I am thankful for my incredible circle of friends!
November 6: Today, I am thankful for Daylight Savings Time. What fun to have an extra hour of whatever! 🙂
November 7: Today, I am thankful for my sweet, sweet, sweet dog, Jackson. He is such a good boy and has brought lots of happiness to our home.
November 8: Today, I’m thankful for living in a democracy (okay, okay, a republic). Anyway, I’m thankful to be able to vote… for amazing people like Lael Gray! Rock the vote, Asheville!!!
November 9: Today, I am thankful for my little grey Princess Monkey (she’s a cat… and her name is Monkey). She’s been with me through a lot and is always ready for a purring, headbutting, lap-sitting session.
November 10: Today, I am thankful for owning a beautiful home in which I feel safe, comfortable, loved and joyful!
November 11: Today, I’m thankful for veterans, whose desire to be of service inspires so many.
November 12: Today, I am thankful for our handsome, sweet, shy, long-haired, black kitty, Claude, who is always there to help us whenever we’re on the computer. 🙂
November 13: Today, I’m thankful for getting to do super fun stuff like Hunter Paces at FENCE! What a gift!!!
November 14: Today, I’m thankful for CrossFit Asheville and all of the incredible, inspiring coaches and fellow participants! I am now stronger, fitter, more energetic, more athletic and overall happier than I’ve ever been because of you all… too many to list here, but thank you so much to all of you! Especially, big thanks to the owners, who have given so much of themselves to build this phenomenal community: Shanna Duvall, Corey Duvall, Randy Kite and David Wayne Hughes!
November 15: Today, I’m thankful for my healthy body, which is capable of most anything I want to do, and which magically and miraculously accomplishes the most complicated of tasks (like breathing) without my having to DO anything. 🙂
November 16: Today, I’m thankful for my incredible co-workers at WCMS (formerly BCMS) for all the support, learning, fun, challenge and growth I’ve experienced there over the last nearly 5 years! You guys all rock! 🙂
November 17: Today, I’m thankful for all of the fun, unexpected, exciting ways that dreams can come true! 🙂
November 18: Today, I’m thankful for airplanes, Earplanes and newborn baby smell!
November 19: Today, I’m thankful for spending time with family and friends I don’t normally get to see.
November 20: Today, I’m thankful for Joan, Joyce and Lena! Happy Birthday to all you lovely ladies!!! 🙂
November 21: Today, I’m thankful for warm sunshine in November! 🙂
November 22: Today, I’m thankful for Ellen and Alan Kellam for their amazing generosity! And also for Megan, Soren and Marc, Lauren for letting us crash at their places this weekend!
November 23: Today, I’m thankful for Seth Kellam. Yes, I know I’ve already been thankful for him, but I’m thankful again and again and again… forever! 🙂
November 24: Today, I’m thankful for Thanksgiving! I love this holiday so much for so many reasons: 1) Getting to spend the entire day with my loved ones, 2) getting to eat delicious food in enormous quantities, 3) sharing an entire day with so many people who are focused on thankfulness and gratitude… the entire planet just feels so much happier today! 🙂
November 25: Today, I’m thankful for Biltmore Equestrian Center, which is staffed by some of the kindest, hardest-working, most caring staff, who go out of their way for the horses in their care. And besides that, I get to ride in one of the most beautiful pieces of land on the planet!
November 26: Today, I’m thankful for Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning for all I’ve learned in my sessions and for all others who participate in these sessions gain from it. 🙂
November 27: Today, I’m thankful for my happy, healthy horse, who not only rocked in our lesson today, but also hung out with me to watch Charlotte and Roy in their lesson, too!
November 28: Today, I’m thankful for my ability to choose: what I eat, what I read, where and when I go places, who I talk to, what I say, what I think about, where I live, etc. etc. etc.
November 29: Today, I’m thankful that I live in Asheville… such a beautiful, fun, exciting little city filled with beautiful, fun, exciting people!
November 30: Today, I’m thankful for being happy! Also, I have so much to be thankful for that I think I’ll just keep on with my thankfulness practice. No reason to stop at thirty days, right? 🙂

So, what do you think? Want to join me? You can start by sharing what your thankful for in the comments section below. Have fun!