One of the processes that Abraham often talks about is the focus wheel. Basically, the idea is that you start with wherever you are, which is usually someplace pretty far from where you want to be, vibrationally speaking. Then, you determine what the other side of that is… the place that is where you want to be. And then you take the journey…

This is something I usually do privately, but thought I’d have a go at it in a more public forum.

My out of alignment thought = I am not in balance, physically

In the center of my wheel = Perfect physical health and well-being

  1. I know the strength of my intention
  2. My body gets stronger and healthier everyday
  3. I love doing CrossFit
  4. I miss going to CrossFit on my off days
  5. I am noticing changes in my physical abilities regularly
  6. The change in my diet has already helped me feel more focused, clear and healthy
  7. I can deadlift almost 200 lbs! 🙂
  8. I have always been a healthy person
  9. I know that when things feel off in my physical body, it is an indication of being out of alignment with who I really am
  10. I know how to get in alignment with who I am
  11. I get better at being in alignment all the time
  12. I have all of the tools I need to be in alignment
  13. I feel better already!
  14. I am a powerful creator!
  15. I am standing in a shower of well-being (without my umbrella of resistance)!
  16. I am grateful for the out of balance feelings, because they help me create even bigger and better experiences in my future!
  17. Right now, I am exactly where I need to be!
  18. All is well.
  19. I am grateful for the understanding that this process has reminded me of and excited about the glowing health of my physical body!!!

There! That really is such a helpful process to go through. I love knowing that I can use that process any time I need a little more help in getting clear about what I want and where I’m going on any subject!