You are probably familiar with tofu – the curd made from soy beans, much heralded by the vegetarian and vegan communities – but you may not think of it as having anything to do with relationships. Let me explain…

Tofu (the food) takes on the particular flavors of whatever it is cooked with… so it tastes (and smells and looks) different based on its plate partners. That is simultaneously the good and the bad thing about it. By itself, tofu is almost inedibly bland. With the right ingredients, it can be downright delicious.

See where I’m going with this? Might you have that same tendency? Do you focus so much on who you’re being “cooked with” that you fail to season yourself?

If you have a bit too much relationship tofu going on these days, now is a good time to add a little spice to yourself and your own life. Here’s a few places to start:

  • Sign up for a class. Learning something new keeps you focused on your own growth and gives you a boost of confidence, but also – you never know who you might meet in that cooking class at the local community college… KnowwhatImean?
  • Plan a romantic date. And then take yourself on it. Yes, you! Maybe you’ll go hiking and then have a mountain-top picnic. Or perhaps, dinner and a movie (no need to compromise on the flick choice). Whatever it is you choose, doing something like this for yourself sends a clear message to the universe that you are ready for all sorts of juicy, romantic encounters.
  • Disconnect for 24 hours. From the device, that is. Turn off the computer, the smartphone, the tablet, the iTimesuck for enough time that you can start hearing yourSELF again. You can’t expect to be interesting and engaging if you are uninterested and unengaged, right?

Those are just some ideas to get you started. The goal is to make YOU your priority… not what you think someone else wants you to be.

And most of all, have fun!

I’d love to hear from you about how you’ve added flavor to your life. Comment below, shoot me an email or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter to share your tail…