Have you ever had the feeling that you knew something intellectually, but then realized that you weren’t actually DOING anything different?

Such an odd sensation.

In my family growing up, one of the worst offenses you could commit was not walking your talk. So, I learned early on to insist that I was walking my talk. But the proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

In reality, everything I said to others was truly how I felt and what I believed, but I had this deep-seated fear of actually taking some sort of action towards what I wanted. Instead, I lived passively and by default, following some pre-defined course and not ever allowing myself to really put myself out there.

Then, I had an epiphany.


It came to me while I was thinking about all the changes that I had made in the way I think about life. I have made HUGE shifts in where I let my mind go. I more quickly recognize when I am focusing on something that isn’t serving me (worrying, fretting, grouching, you get the drift…). But, I wasn’t taking any sort of new actions.

Action has a way of confirming to the universe (or rather, The Universe) that we are ready to physically experience all of the things we’ve been envisioning. After all, we live in physical bodies and are having a distinctly physical experience. Part of the fun is actually doing stuff, right?

So, why do we hold ourselves back? Isn’t it time to take action? What are you ready to DO now?

Walk the Talk