The absolute, most vitally important thing I do each day is to get happy… regardless of the circumstances.

Why, you ask, does this matter so much?

Well… because that’s how I am able to get everything I desire.

Huh? You ask.

Let me explain. We all are born with our own personal internal guidance system that indicates to if we’re pointed toward or away from what we want. It seems hard to believe when you’re first exposed to this concept, but humor me here.

In order for this idea of an emotional guidance system to make sense, we need to talk first about the Law of Attraction. Wait… come back! I’m not going to get all “woo-woo” on you here. Well, maybe I am, but just a little. Okay, maybe a lot. But we’ll make this fun.

The basic idea of the Law of Attraction (I’ll just write LoA to save myself a few keystrokes) is that the things we think about (aka our thoughts) are like magnets that draw to us those things that match the vibration of that particular thought. And there I go again, using a word that I need to define before going any further.

Vibration is just energy. It’s all around us and inside of us. You may remember way back in your elementary school days in science class, talking about atoms. And that atoms make up molecules and that molecules make up cells and on and on… right?

Well, those atoms (made of a nucleus of protons and neutrons surrounded by a whole lots of space and “enclosed by” a swirl of electrons) are “powered by” energy… or, vibration! And, if you think about it… there’s much, much more “empty space” in those atoms than there is actual “stuff.” So, while I’m sitting here on this chair – which I perceive as solid mass – I’m actually sitting on mostly empty space. Why am I not falling through to the floor? Or, taking that concept even further, how is the floor holding me and the chair up? And, how is the earth holding up the floor and the chair and me?

To be quite honest, I have no idea.

BUT… I know that energy (or vibration) is the general answer to that question. That same energy that holds together all those atoms, holds me together… along with all the thoughts I think and the emotions I feel.

In other words, EVERYTHING is vibration.

So… back to our thoughts. They emit a vibration… which is either in alignment with our “higher selves” (oh boy, there’s a whole other post in there somewhere) or not. And we are able to tell whether or not what we’re thinking is in alignment or not based on how we feel.

Here’s an example. I think to myself as I peer into my closet, “Yuck! Where did all of these ugly clothes come from? I know I didn’t buy them!” And that thought is associated with a feeling… probably something along the lines of frustration. That frustration doesn’t feel good, which tells me I’m not heading in the direction of what I want. In this case, a closet full of beautiful, well-fitting clothes that make me feel awesome when I put them on.

What if, instead, I looked into my closet and thought to myself, “Wow! Look at all of these beautiful clothes!” And then that thought attracted lots of other fun, feel-good thoughts like, “I love how this sweater falls just right and feels super soft and comfy next to my skin.” And, eventually, I find myself sounding very much like Jessica…



And if you start your day out like that, you can’t help but have an awesome one… and then that awesome one leads to another one that’s even better. Pretty soon, your whole life shifts to line up with that awesomeness.

I’m serious. Give it a try. 🙂