“Do it scared!” That’s the biggest take-away for me from a recent seminar I attended.

I have noticed that I tend to jump headlong into some things that scare me… spinning fire, for example. Crazy, I know! And then other things have frozen me in my tracks. So, now it’s time to take the leap.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to help make the world a better place. When I learned massage and Reiki, I felt that I had – at long last – discovered what I needed to know to do my part. I delved further into my purpose adding Reiki (energy healing) to my menu of offerings.

Now, I am ready to really be clear about why I’m here. My purpose is to help people – especially those who may feel misunderstood – find their own alignment with their true callings. To line up with it. And then to really GLOW for it!

I know who I am. I have known my entire life. I am now ready to BE that… to live as though I’m already there. And so it is. You can learn more about who I am by going to my About page. My contact information is on that page, so please contact me to schedule a Get Acquainted Call.

I’m looking forward to talking to you!