In this article, I’m going to discuss abundance in the context of financial wealth. However, the concepts apply to every type of abundance under the sun: financial, joy, love, food, etc. etc. etc.

So, how do you create more abundance?

#1. Get happy!

Happy Dog

He's happy!


You may not think that happiness has much to do with abundance, but let me assure you… it does! Think about it this way: Why do you want to be abundant? Ultimately, the reason you want anything is because you want to feel good, right?

So, feel good! Seriously. Or jokingly. However you get there, get there. You’ve got to line up with abundance before you can be abundant. And notice I did not say anything about “doing” abundant. You have to BE abundant. It’s a state of mind, not an action that requires hard work.


#2. Shift your thinking.

The Thinker

The Thinker


Why do so many lottery winners end up in worse financial shape than before their big win? Because they never really shifted their thinking enough to stay in alignment with the stream of abundance that is always flowing toward us. Instead, their fear got the best of them.

You don’t need to win the lottery to be abundant. Every thought you think is manifesting RIGHT NOW into something… you may not be able to touch it or smell it or see it just yet. But you can FEEL it. And if something you’re thinking doesn’t feel good (or abundant), then shift it to something that does.

Yes, it is that easy. But you have to make that choice.


#3. Expect abundance.


Expectation is fun!


You get exactly what you expect to get. So, really it’s just as easy to expect abundance to come into your experience as it is to expect poverty and struggle. Which do you choose?




#4. Give more.

Give joyfully!

Give joyfully!


Giving from a place of pure joy, without wanting anything in return is like saying to the universe, “I have so much that I’m able to give some to others!”

And then, in return, the universe says, “Fabulous! Have some more of that!”

Why? Because what we think about is a lot like a radio signal. When you give freely, you tune into the “radio frequency” of “plenty to go around.” So, you can’t help but get more and then give more and then get more and then give more… you get the idea.



#5. Do what you love to do.

Do what you love

Do what you love!


Often times, people think that in order to be abundant, you have to in some way “sell out” or “sell your soul” or some other limiting belief. But what about people like Oprah, for example, whose abundance came from a beautiful authentic place, and has also allowed her to empower millions of others to achieve their own unique, special goals?

What if Oprah had believed that she was selling out and then she should really just go back to being little ol’ Oprah?

When you are being who you feel called to be, you can’t help but attract abundance into your experience. And even more than that, you won’t care if you’re already doing that thing that you love! Right?

“But Jana, I just want enough money so I can do the things I love!” you say, dejectedly.

Here’s the thing… In the end, financial wealth is only a means to an end. You don’t want money… you want happiness, love, fun, joyous adventures. Don’t get me wrong… having money makes it possible to do things that may produce those feelings that you’re searching for, but it is not necessary in order to have them. All that’s necessary is for you to CHOOSE to feel that way, to choose thoughts that produce those sensations.

So, what are you thinking about today?