Today, in the United States of America, we celebrate our freedom through a national holiday called Independence Day (or sometimes, the 4th of July). Growing up, this particular day equated to pool parties, BBQs and fireworks and the actual historical origins of the day were lost on me.

Now, the spirit of this day has new meaning for me. I truly recognize the vital importance of freedom and independence, so having a whole day to revel in that is pretty dang awesome.

When it gets right down to it, we all want to feel that sense of freedom in our lives, yes? No one wants to feel held down or held back. Though far too often, we allow our relationships to do just that. I have one particular client who expressed her genuine fear of losing her independence and therefore, who she is, if she was in a committed relationship.

That got me thinking – you’re shocked, I know… I have been with my husband for many years and interestingly, I feel more free now than I ever did before.

How can that be?

Well, I think it’s because we support each other in exploring our deepest selves… who we really are… what brings us joy, bliss (much more on this later), happiness. And we aren’t together because we “have to be” or because we think we “should be” or we’re “supposed to” be. And, we also aren’t together to make each other feel safe.

We’re together because it’s FUN. And because we love how we feel when we’re together. And also, there’s such enormous personal growth that arises from learning about yourself through the mirror of another.

What has to happen first, though, is that we had to give each other the freedom, trust and support we wanted for ourselves… Even when it seems hard. Especially when it seems hard.

Ultimately, we all want freedom. We all want to trust and be trusted. And we all want to support others and feel supported by others. The fastest, easiest, and most enjoyable way to receive all of those things is to give them first. Because when you give something away, you’re sending a message loud and clear to the universe that you have it to give! So, then it can’t help but be your experience.

So, let’s explore freedom and independence together today. Allow yourself to feel that way, regardless of what’s happening around you. Yes, it’s possible. Give it a go. And then let me know what that’s like for you, okay?