Relationship curve

You’ve probably seen graphs like this from time to time on the interwebs. I see them a lot generally having to do with the life of an entrepreneur. But then it occurred to me that the exact same thing happens in relationships… especially at first.

So I made you one.

I won’t go into lots of explanation, but the basic idea is: Relationships change. People change.

Try not to get too attached to where things are in the moment (whether highest of highs or lowest of lows). Instead, keep aiming to consistently be better, feel better, interact better, ask better question, love better, hold space better, soothe better, be soothed better.

Continuous Quality Improvement: Relationship Style.

And slightly more subtle, but no less important: Allow for the possibility that the “low times” set up the “high times” to feel even better. And give yourself the opportunity to recognize the benefit of the “contrasting experiences” as you move through your relationship.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this graphic, or anything else that comes to mind. Feel free to share them in the comments below or in a private message to me.