equadar [ih-kwey-dahr] (noun): a term coined by a very young Jana Kellam to describe the uncanny ability of most horse-crazy young girls (often carrying on into adulthood) to determine the location of horses or horse paraphernalia within their visual range


Have you ever made up a word? I coined “equadar” as a child staring out of the car window as we sped along a Texas highway, while I eagerly pointed out all the horses in adjacent pastures.

This morning, my DH and I were passing a house near our own that he likes and he asked if I noticed the horseshoes that were nailed above the garage door.

“Of course I saw them! I’ve got excellent equadar!”

He thought that was very amusing.

I thought I must have used that word around him before, but apparently not.

In any case, making up words can be really fun and quite useful. I think it encourages my creativity and outside-the-box thinking, so I try to do it frequently. Now I just need to start saying them out loud.

So, tell me… What words have you made up?