I didn’t really want to write this. In some ways it feels like I’m starting at the end of the story. And while it’s almost impossibly painful to share this so soon after the death of my horse, Jove, the idea of the lessons he taught being lost forever is far more painful.

I have this pattern of shying away from sharing things that are deeply personal, especially when I feel raw and vulnerable. My tendency is to believe that I need to “deal with it” before I can allow myself to put anything out there. But Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book, Big Magic, inspired me to write this now, while I’m actively grieving Jove’s death and can’t get him out of my mind.

So here we go…

For seven years, I saw the profound difference Jove made in the lives of so many of my clients by working with them in sessions I had the honor to facilitate. Jove was a horse, so he couldn’t put words into anyone’s mouth. He couldn’t give them advice or tell them what to do, and he never judged their actions or their desires. 

What he did do was show people how they were feeling and why they might be feeling that way. He was a guide to their inner selves. I used to say he was like a giant mirror, but now that he’s gone, I become clearer with each passing day that he was much, much more than that. He was a shaman: a great healer who taught in a way that transcends description. And yet, I feel compelled to give it my best shot, because Jove is no longer physically here and I have to pick up the torch.  

Being the facilitator in Jove’s sessions with my clients taught me how to create the conditions for people to experience deep change. He taught me when to speak and when to listen. How to ask the kind of high quality questions that open people to solutions they couldn’t have otherwise heard. How to guide people to their own answers instead of trying to “fix them.” One time, he even pushed me out of the way during a session, as if to say, “I’ve got this, thanks.” He taught me that transformation doesn’t have to take a long time. It can happen in quantum leaps, when when the right space is held for people to trust their own power, wisdom, and innate loveability.

You may be wondering how I could have possibly learned all that from a horse. To answer that question and do justice to Jove’s teachings, I’m writing a 12-part blog series called Lessons from Jove, that I’ll be sharing with you on the first Monday of each month for the following year.

Stay tuned for the first Lessons from Jove: What True Love Feels Like, on Monday, April 4th.

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I’m so excited to bring you these stories so you can experience the benefits of Jove’s messages and wisdom for yourself.


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