It’s time for the LoA Q&A! Sometimes, the concept of the Law of Attraction is confusing and difficult to implement. My goal is to clear up some of that confusion and difficulty, so you can allow the really fun, creative stuff to start happening… now! Feel free to give me your feedback in the comments below and submit your questions, too! Okay. Let’s get to those questions… or rather, those answers:

I really, really want to believe. I do believe that energy flows where your attention goes. How is this different? — Wendy

Hi Wendy! Thank you so much for your question! And I think you already have the answer… 🙂

The basic concept behind the LoA is that like attracts like. In other words, your thoughts, your words, your actions all attract other thoughts, words and actions like them. You are essentially a magnet, pulling towards you that which you focus upon.

And, if you agree that your thoughts, your words and your actions are all – at their basis – energy, then that energy will flow toward where your attention goes. If you are focused on, stressing out about, obsessing over making more money, for example, then that is where your attention is going, so the Universe will go about making that which you’re focused on happen for you… whether that’s not enough money or a life of abundance.

You see, the Universe (or Source Energy or God or whatever you want to call it) is not judging your desires, thoughts and feelings. It’s just acknowledging what you’re focused on and going about giving it to you. So, while we may feel frustrated that we don’t have enough money and then frustrated that the Universe isn’t helping us to have more of it, all we’re doing is creating more of not enough money.

Try this: just notice for the next 7 days what you are thinking about. After you’ve noticed a thought, imagine what would happen if that thought instantly manifested. And be playful with this… it’s not meant to be hard. If what you’re thinking about is pleasing to you and you would enjoy its manifestation, then keep focusing on it. But all too often, we’re actually focusing on the exact opposite of what we want. So, if what you’re thinking about is not pleasing to you and you would not like its manifestation, then practice shifting that thought to something else that does feel good to think about. Rinse, wash, repeat.

Then just see what happens. My bet is that things will start improving in ways you never thought possible.

So Wendy, your wanting to believe is a great first step to making the LoA really work for you in manifesting your wildest dreams. Have fun!