It’s time for the LoA Q&A! Sometimes, the concept of the Law of Attraction is confusing and difficult to implement. My goal is to clear up some of that confusion and difficulty, so you can allow the really fun, creative stuff to start happening… now! Feel free to give me your feedback in the comments below and submit your questions, too!

I’ve heard that an important part of LOA is having the intention of what you want, believing you will receive but then not having any tension around that coming to you. How do you want something … but then not WANT it?! — Cindy

Oh, another juicy question! Thanks so much for submitting it, Cindy!

The quick answer is: you don’t. Here’s what I mean (longer answer commencing now)…

In order to really get down to the crux of your question, I think it might be helpful to start at the beginning with an overview of how we manifest our desires, create our own realities, utilize the Law of Attraction, etc.

It’s a three-step process that begins with figuring out what you want. We do this by first figuring out what we don’t want (i.e., credit card debt, depression, rocky relationships, etc.) so that we are able to get clear about what we do want (abundance, clear sinuses, loving relationships). This part happens automatically every day of your life. You don’t need to work at it or try to make it happen… it just does.

Now that you’ve determined what you want, the Universe (or source energy or God or whatever you want to call that thread of life that connects us all) lines up all of the varied pieces of what needs to come together to answer your desire. Like the first step, this is not your work. The Universe will take care of this for you.

The last step is your “work” and it is to allow all of those desires that you’ve already “created” energetically to come into physical manifestation. Essentially, you have to find a way of “tuning” your energetic “signal” to match the energetic “signal” of that which you desire. It’s exactly the way a radio works. You can’t hear what’s playing on 98.1 FM if your radio is tuned to 105.4 AM.

“Tuning your dial” means finding a way to feel good, to feel the way you know you’ll feel when you have that thing you desire, whether it be a relationship, perfect health or a Porsche 911.

All that being said, let’s go back to your question.

The easiest way to get everything you want is to feel good. Needing things to be different so you can feel good is adding unnecessary “middle-men” to the equation. This part seems a little odd, I know, but if you can feel happy regardless of what’s going on around you, you’ve already got what you want anyway. Right?

I wrote about this a while ago, and I think it might be a helpful post to revisit. It’s kind of an interesting conundrum, I think… The reason we want anything is so that we can feel good, and it is 100% possible to feel good by making that a priority. And, if we can just feel good, we’ll get all the things we wanted in the first place.

Still with me?


So, now that you’ve got yourself feeling good via any means necessary (petting your cat, walking your dog, meditating, getting a massage, holding a baby, smiling at a stranger, etc.), you may still at times find your thoughts wandering back to not having that thing you want right NOW. That’s okay. Don’t beat up on yourself… that just adds more energy to the not having part.

Find ways to distract yourself (see the paragraph above) over and over and over again. Eventually, this part won’t be so difficult to do, because your habit will be to always be looking for things that feel good, rather than things that don’t.

A whole bunch of very wise folks have said, “Thoughts become things.” So, choose your thoughts carefully. They are a powerful tool and you can hone the skill of wielding them easily, successfully and joyfully by placing your intention there rather than on what you don’t want.

Remember, there’s always more to want because we are ever-expanding beings. Once you’ve gotten that thing you want, you’ll want the next thing anyway, so you may as well enjoy the experience, the journey, the path on the way to the things you want. Maybe that’s what life is all about anyway.

Or maybe it’s the hokey-pokey.

Either way, I hope this post has been helpful and that you find yourself floating calmly down the river of life (instead of paddling furiously against the current). It’s all downstream! Let go of those paddles and enjoy!