One of my amazing clients recently sent me an email with feedback about how she was feeling when she read my last newsletter.

Essentially, she felt that I on occasion refer to the obstacles my clients face, but don’t talk about how they overcome them or even that they overcome them at all.

Eek! SO not the message I want to be sending.

First, let me apologize to any of my clients who felt I was slighting them and the incredible work they are doing.

Second, this gives me an opportunity to brag on my fabulous clients. 🙂

You see, I was assuming (I know, I know…what an ass!) that everyone knew that my clients – as with everyone – have challenges in their lives, but that they are able to overcome those challenges, move through them, resolve them, heal them, and turn them into powerful upleveling and learning experiences every single time. But obviously, you don’t all know that, unless I tell you.

So, let me say… My clients overcome obstacles in a major way. The more they work through these barriers, the less they are troubled or distracted or delayed by them at all. And not because I’m doing it for them, but because they are willing to do the work, to really put in the time and energy it takes to make these kinds of strides.

Each one of my clients is an extraordinary, magical, wondrous being who inspires me every day. And I am hugely grateful to each of them for inviting me on this journey with them.

P.S. Here is your assignment, should you choose to accept it: If there’s anything you feel you need to apologize for, or if you made an assumption that caused an issue in your relationship with someone you care about, make the time to address it… today. You – and they – will feel so much better for it. And, your relationship will likely be stronger because of it, too. 🙂