You know the typical relationship story: You meet someone. Sparks fly. Love ignites. Lots of fun, exciting dates, conversations, and experiences together. A commitment to each other. Time passes. The flame dulls. Boredom ensues.

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if, instead, you could rekindle that spark every day?

Often, my clients tell me that their partner has changed… that they aren’t as interesting – or interested – as they once were. Where did that fascinating person go? Now they just sit around in their PJs flipping through channels on the TV after a long day at work. So much for the dreams, fantasies and ambitions for a passionate, exciting, meaningful partnership and life together. Now, they’re lucky if they can string together a few sentences to each other. Or worse, they’re outright hostile.

Fun, right? Yeah, not so much.

Here’s your Valentine’s Day challenge (and this may be really challenging for some of you): Muster as much LOVE as you can in whatever way you can. Everyone has something that they can start this feeling with… whether it’s your children, your horse, your dog, a memory from your past. Whatever it is, focus on it until you’re almost overwhelmed by that loving feeling. Whip yourself into a Love Frenzy, even.

And then, once you’re there, take another look at your partner. You might just find they’re starting to look a lot more like the person you met and fell in love with.

If you’re not in a relationship right now, you can still do this challenge. The only difference is that you focus your Love Frenzy on the partnership you desire. Or your family. Or your friends. Or anything else that just doesn’t bring you as much joy as it once did.

The reason this process creates such magical results is that we are shifting our energetic signal so that the universe can’t help but align us with all the different aspects of people and situations that match that signal. It is not possible to experience ecstatic joy when you’re constantly in a state of boredom, pessimism, discouragement or downright depression. You have to change the way you feel and then life will provide for you all the things you want (and the people you want).

Stop trying to change what’s outside of you (including people) first. It doesn’t work that way. Shift you and watch your world shift easily, without any manipulation or struggle on your part.

The awesome thing about this tool is that it works with everything. Your life will be transformed. And you can thank me for that later. 😉

Tell me how the Valentine’s Day Challenge went for you in the comments below. Can’t wait to hear from you!