Faith. Sort of an interesting concept, isn’t it?

I was out at the barn today with Jove. We were playing over some relatively low jumps and then decided to try one that was higher and different than our usual fair… a bright green roll top with a yellow and white rail over the top.

So we got into a nice forward trot and pointed ourselves to the jump and Jove dove out to the right just before the jump. So, we turned around, gathered ourselves up a bit and went over the jump… as in, WAY over the jump. I’m fairly certain Jove thought it was at least a foot higher than it actually was.

But what got us over the jump? I mean, besides muscle and all that physics stuff…

I can’t help but think at least part of it was because of faith. The first time we headed toward the jump, I was doubtful… of myself, of Jove, of the gravity gods… I don’t know what it was, but I didn’t SEE us going over it.

At the second approach, I saw us go over it. I really visualized the whole thing taking place. And guess what? It did. And that feeling of soaring over a jump, just like the feeling of overcoming any fear or sense of limitation, is unlike any other.

I am so grateful to Jove. He is such a clear and honest teacher. If I’m really ready to do something, he’s all about it, and will give his all. If I’m doubtful, he’ll show me that, too. Instantly and without judgment. Horses are so good at that! And Jove is especially gifted… No, I’m not biased or anything.

And, on the subject of faith… Here’s a really sweet video I thought you might enjoy: