Plan B… is for BLISS

The Plan B Teleseminar


Plan B - Get Ready to Find Your Bliss


Does daily life light you up?

Does your work renew you?

Did your career emerge from your natural talents?

Do you wake up every morning inspired and motivated to create your heart out?

Are you living your true life purpose?

If the answer to any of those questions is no, we need to talk.

Consider this your personal invitation to begin the search for your own best self… that part of you hidden behind the intangible fog of potential: the stronger, more effective, and floating-on-air you, not the struggling-to-climb-the-rocky-incline you of the past.

I hope you’ll join me and Rose Candela Moore, artist entrepreneur extraordinaire and follower of her own unique and blissful Plan B, as we explore how our unspoken heartfelt desires – and discontent – can be a good thing. Are you curious about what else could be possible -that right now seems so impossible? What if that inner tug-of-war around living from your heart and your values could be blended with a bliss brush to create a simple, fulfilling masterpiece of a life?

It’s possible. And probable.

Inside of you there is a Plan B already knocking at your heart… It’s unchanging and ever-expanding — it can manifest and develop into far more fulfilling work.

Sign up below for this intimate conversation between me and my dear friend, filled with tools and tips you can use to start discovering your own personal Plan B(liss) today!

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Jana Kellam is an empowerment-focused relationship coach who also happens to be in the business of equine-facilitated learning experiences — for those who want to take back the reins in their life and harness the kind of intimate connections that afford them the freedom to be fully themselves. In short: she helps you muck out your relationSH*T and start creating REALationships in your life. And she does that through a combination of one-on-one coaching over the phone and equine experiential learning retreats in-person in Asheville, NC.

Rose Candela offers heart-centered services to help you bring more joy in your life. She is currently writing a woman-centered, creative life-affirming mentoring program that blends her love of movement, spiritual philosophy, journaling, art, and birth.