Big news this week, Friends! I’m super excited and honored to be participating in Feisty & Fierce: Phenoms in the Realm of True Adventure, a telesummit dreamed up by one of my dear friends, Heather Hightower, beginning tomorrow. And, you’ll be happy to know that you’re invited to join us… and it’s totally FREE! Weee!!!

In keeping with the theme of this rockin’ telesummit, my feature article for this week is all about adventure and what that means to me.


adventureLife is an adventure.

Well, life can be an adventure… if you live it that way.

I never really thought of myself as particularly adventurous, but when my friend, entrepreneur, vocalist and adventure goddess, Heather Hightower, invited me to be a featured guest on her telesummit, it got me thinking…

What does adventure mean to me?

And then, I started thinking about things I’ve done that could be considered adventurous, feisty or fierce. And, I came up with a few things:

  • The summer after my senior year of high school, I traveled to Australia for 2 1/2 weeks to dance my little hiney off.
  • I left my hometown (Dallas, TX) on a month-long road trip across the country to find a new city to live in… I decided on Boston, MA and lived there for two years.
  • I learned how to spin fire (my mom loved that one)!
  • I picked back up my childhood passion – horseback riding – and am learning to be an eventer… that’s the one where you gallop across country, jumping over solid obstacles and into water.

But after pondering those crazy, out-there ways of defining “adventure” it occurred to me, that life is full of many adventures that aren’t so obvious:

  • Getting married… or just being in a relationship at all.
  • Buying a house.
  • Starting a business.

Yep, I’ve done those things, too! So, maybe you don’t have to go anywhere or put yourself in bodily harm to have an adventure. Maybe doing something every day that’s a little bit outside your comfort zone is the greatest adventure there is.

So, tell me, what does adventure mean to you?