The impetus that drove me to learn Reiki was born in my work as a certified equine and canine sports massage therapist. I would work on the muscles of my horse and dog clients and would get great results, but I always felt that something was missing.

When I learned about Reiki, I felt I had found the link to a greater connection to the animals true selves. It was as though I had worked on one of those huge puzzles made up of hundreds of tiny pieces and had not been able to finish it. The picture looked fine at first glance, but it just didn’t feel 100% complete.

I have found that animals are exquisitely sensitive to Reiki energy and that combining this work with the massage therapy has a profound effect on them. Many horses who are too sore or too anxious for any deep muscle work are soothed by Reiki energy and can experience the same – and sometimes better – results without my ever laying a hand on them.

Interestingly, my clients’ people often feel an improvement in their own physical and/or emotional state from simply being present during a session with their horse or dog. And that’s just one part of what makes Reiki so special!

Client feedback: 
“While I believe in energy work, in my experience with it over the years, any result has always been too subtle to notice a difference.

However, the other day I fell and got a pretty severe cut on my leg.  It was beginning to show signs of infection so I asked Jana to do Reiki on it.

I also have a bit of a shoulder issue from time to time, which can be very painful and restricts range of motion for several days, so I asked that she do some Reiki with that as well.

I slept through the night with no pain (the pain from this normally wakes me in the night). And then all pain was gone the next morning.

As I was changing the bandage on my leg I discovered that all signs of infection were gone!  Nothing subtle about any of that!”

— Joan M.

I believe that when I offer Reiki to anyone or anything – humans, plants, animals, events, etc. – I am not actually healing them. The subject of my focus is healing his/her/itself by opening to the universal and abundant energy that is all around us. I am like a “magnifying glass”, serving to focus and expand on the innate abilities of those with whom I work.

Providing a method to help my community with healing and well-being gives me a sense of satisfaction. Everyone seems moved by Reiki once they experience it for themselves.

I had heard about this healing modality from several people. When I found the Epona Ridge website, I thought it was too good to be true. How “lucky” that this perfect learning opportunity was right here in Asheville!

Of course, I don’t believe in luck. I believe I created (and co-created) this discovery and am forever grateful for the experiences I’ve had with Barbara and her herd.

Learning Reiki has provided me a tremendously powerful tool that supports me in addressing issues when I feel “stuck”. Even as I work with clients, I can feel Reiki working for me as well. What a gift!

You can learn Reiki pretty much anywhere these days… even over the internet. And, I believe there is a place for that, certainly. However, my experience learning from Barbara was nothing short of magical.

I remember walking down the stairs near the Picadero that first morning and feeling like I was walking into another world. A sense of peace and serenity washed around me and I felt at home. The air positively sparkles at Epona Ridge.

Barbara had created a beautiful, safe, almost womb-like retreat space which lends itself perfectly for the “journey within.” I loved having the time and space to journal, learn about myself, open up to my truth, make myself vulnerable, heal parts of myself I didn’t even remember needed healing, and bond with new friends. I even found my mentor!

Please feel free to contact me with questions you may have about my experience learning Reiki from Barbara at Epona Ridge.