Yesterday, I was sitting with Zi watching him happily eat his snack and share it with our family dog, Jackson, from his high chair:

Zi feeding Jackson







I noticed myself saying, “No!” and pushing Jackson away far more frequently than I would like to admit…

Now, let me interrupt myself here to say that I am definitely not one of those parents who believes that you should never, ever say “no” to your little prince(ss). I absolutely think that deliberate and thoughtful use of “no” is appropriate and important.

That being said, I realized that not only was I saying “no” a ridiculous number of times (especially since neither the dog, nor the baby were paying a single bit of attention to me), but I was also inadvertently and subconsciously teaching my son a lesson I really don’t want him to learn – now or ever:

There is not enough. And if you share with others, you will have even less.

Yeah…not my style, not something I want to pass on to my child, and quite frankly not the yucky energy I want for myself either.

So, I decided in that moment that if Zi wants to share every last gluten-free, organic cheerio, rice puff and yogurt drop in the world with our dog (or anyone else for that matter), I will gleefully cheer him on!

And what does this have to do with you?

Well… Anytime you have any kind of resistant/negative/yucky thoughts that make you feel like crap when you think them, you are holding yourself back from having the kind of magical life that you want… even if it seems like a tiny, relatively unimportant thing (like your kid sharing his lunch with the dog). 🙂

So, I encourage you to look at an area in your life where you might be saying “no” in an unnecessary way. And how might that resistance be negatively impacting your experience? Where could you say “yes” instead? How might saying “yes” lighten, uplift, or empower you and others around you?