Last week, I announced some big changes in my life. Not the least of which is transitioning from my current position with an organization that I love into full-time in this business that I LOVE.

Then, approximately 2 days after that announcement, I woke up with a crick in my neck. This particular crick then proceeded to get worse for the next 2 days, travel down into lower back for 1 day and then back up onto the other side of my neck for another 2 days.

And that pain was followed by a sinus infection that laid me out for a couple more days.


Fortunately, though, I know what this pain and discomfort was telling me. Many of you will now tilt your head to the side and say to yourselves (or out loud), “Say what?!”

Here’s what I mean. Our bodies are actually just intricate webs of energy, of cells, tissue, bones, organs, etc. And every thought that we think is also energy. So when we think a thought, it automatically and instantly effects the energy and the physical apparatus of our bodies.

So… I began to notice that I had a lot of thoughts floating around in the recesses of my mind (I call those “backstage thoughts”) that I wasn’t even completely aware of, because they were not the loudest, most out-there thoughts. They were more like a constant hum lying just underneath my consciousness. When I really tuned into those backstage thoughts, they sounded something like this:

What on earth are you doing? You shouldn’t leave this safe, comfortable job (with a safe, comfortable salary)!


Who are you to start your own business anyway? You’re the one who’s always said you’re a great “behind the scenes” person! You should stay there and be safe!


The economy is really bad right now! Why don’t you just stay in your safe job with your safe life? There’s nothing wrong with that. Besides, you do really good work for the community, so it’s not like you’re selling out or anything.


Your team is so sad that you’re leaving. Do you really want to do this to them?


Where’s the proof that you’ll be successful at this anyway? Who’s going to pay you to do what you love doing?


Etc. Etc. Etc.

You get the idea.

Some of these thoughts may even sound oddly familiar to you.

But what I realized is that these thoughts and the pain and discomfort I felt are all just indicators to me that I’m heading in the right direction! They are messages from my body to let me know that I have some residual mindset issues that are ready to be cleaned up and cleared out.

I could now go into all of the different relaxation, visualization and meditation techniques you could use to release from those fears that are holding you back. And sometimes, they really work amazingly well!

Leap and the net will appear!

And other times, they just put off the real core thing that needs to change: for you to take a different action! Don’t let your doubts get in your way of doing what you were meant to do!

Take the leap of faith! The net will appear… in magical ways! But if you are always protecting yourself from taking any action, just in case the net doesn’t appear, you will never know the joy and the excitement and the exhilaration of really LIVING your life!

So, what’s getting in your way? What does your leap of faith look like? What do you need to do to accomplish everything you’ve ever dreamed of?