I absolutely love the work I do! So do these folks (feel free to join them in submitting testimonials by contacting me):

Jove and NadiaBefore working with Jana, I had been bumping up against a happiness ceiling for years. When I started dating a guy who lived in another city, I realized how important it was to let go of my old self-sabotaging behaviors and get this relationship off on the right foot. In particular, I had a pattern of playing relationship games to try and protect myself, but I knew it was keeping me from creating the kind of intimacy I really wanted.


I’d never had a strong connection with animals, nor am I particularly drawn to horses so I was a little skeptical about this work. But I had a feeling that working with Jana could be perfect for me.


And, wow, was I right! This was the best investment I’ve ever made… genuinely priceless.


I was shocked by how intuitive and sensitive horses are to energy. Jove taught me more than I could have ever learned from working with a person, because horses don’t know how to play relationship games, they’re just real. He taught me how to be real, too. I realized I don’t have to work so hard to have the kind of partnership I really want.


I also had a major breakthrough that allowed me to let go of resentment, frustration and judgment that I had been trying to move past for years.


Jove helped me to feel anchored in a strong sense of love that is patient, gentle, understanding and unassuming, which I didn’t even realize was possible in relationships. I’d never felt that way before.


Jana was so supportive in facilitating my work with Jove. And after our session, she helped me reflect on everything I had experienced and put together an action plan just for me so I could bring all I learned from our work into my relationships from now on.


I’ve continued to benefit from our session over the past couple days in ways I wasn’t even expecting. My eyes are tearing up with gratitude just writing about it!


I feel inspired and confident. I’m finally in my body and actually listening to the subtle messages it’s sending me without needing to over-analyze everything. It’s such a better and more fun way of life. My new relationship has already reached a new level of openness and authenticity.

Jana and Jove’s undeniable expertise blew me away. This work will undoubtedly change your life.

-Nadia Z., Asheville, NC



Jane Savoie wanted to share her thoughts about working with me:


And here’s an earlier audio testimonial from Jane about her experience and results from working with Jana:

Hi, I’m Jane Savoie. I work as a professional in the horse business and I’m also a writer.

I’ve always been a big believer in the saying, “If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

So although my life and my business we’re going along very well, there were still a lot of things that I wanted to change and improve. And that’s when Jana Kellam came into my life. She has been such a gift. She’s helped me grow in so many more ways than I’d imagined… from growing my business to teaching me skills that I use to stay calm and relaxed during my life’s inevitable crises.


But if you’re interested in specifics, I’d like to share two of what I call success stories with you:


After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, I have effortlessly lost twenty pounds, without even going on a diet. And those twenty pounds have stayed off. So that’s amazing!


Another thing that is so cool is that historically I get several colds or flus or stomach things per year (particularly after traveling, and I travel a lot for work). And I am so happy to say that I can’t even remember the last time I was sick.


It sounds like magic doesn’t it? Well, I have to say that working with Jana is quite magical and I will be forever grateful to her.


So if you have any doubts at all as far as coaching is concerned, I want to tell you from firsthand experience: the life you’ve always dreamed of having is waiting for you. Thank you Jana!


Jane Savoie
Wellington, FL



TeriBefore working with Jove and Jana, I had a lot of clarity on what I wanted. And I was able to even envision it to a certain degree, but I kept “settling” for good enough… and I wasn’t even always aware when I was doing it. I think deep down I was scared. What if I wasn’t attractive enough? What if I didn’t really know how to BE in my ideal partnership? What if I said or did the wrong things and pushed him away?


I had a strong feeling that I needed to work with Jove and Jana. I didn’t know exactly what I would learn there, but what I got was the absolute perfect primer for meeting the right guy.


Jove related to me in the ring just like I was asking the universe for in terms of a relationship. He was connected with me, but not in a jealous way. I was not upset when he paused to connect with Jana (who was outside the ring). He followed me and it was flattering. He was grateful for the gifts I gave him (like grass, his favorite kind of treat – peppermints!, and tender affection), without being needy or pushy for more. He made me feel proud to be standing by his side.


One of the most helpful parts of this experience for me was that it really removed the fear of not looking attractive enough from the equation. I simply didn’t have to worry about my appearance in the ring. Jove certainly didn’t care, so I could just focus on what I was learning and how I was feeling in the moment.


With that barrier out of the way, I was able to viscerally experience the true love I desire. So when a guy comes along who’s right for me I won’t have to freak out, because I know I’ll recognize his “rightness” for me immediately.


My session with Jove and Jana gave me the missing piece I was searching for. It’s like I crossed through a threshold – this confidence is my new norm.


I am so grateful for the work I did with Jana and Jove do and highly recommend it for anyone who’s ready to have the kind of relationship they really want.


Teri Wade
Asheville, NC



Dr. Anna Garrett

Dr. Anna Garrett

To say that my EFEL session with Jana and Jove was life-changing feels like and understatement! It was so much more than that and an experience that I know I will carry with me for a lifetime.

I decided to work with Jana largely because I am in the process of building my business and wanted to get a deeper understanding of how best to approach potential clients. One of the things I’m really trying to notice is the shifts in my energy, what causes them and how quickly I can get myself back to a place of feeling in alignment again. This is important to me because when I get out of sorts and am feeling splattered, my default setting is to spray negative, cynical energy all over the people who are closest to me. And when I’m in that place, I know it’s hard for me to approach people with a spirit of service.

I have friends who’ve experienced EFEL and found it to be very helpful and powerful, so I decided to give it a try. I showed up with absolutely no expectations of this experience (other than not dying of an asthma attack… I have a horse allergy). Jana gave me different exercises to do with Jove, the last of which was for me to set an intention around what I wanted Jove to do. I decided that I wanted Jove to follow me around in the ring. So, I started walking. After a few steps, I heard him behind me. Success!!! This was awesome.

The results of this experience have translated into my everyday life. I’ve been able to take a better energetic approach when I am speaking with potential clients in that I show up to talk to them with no expectations or “grabby” energy. I’ve also been able to use it in my relationship with my husband. I now take the time to try to read him better and assess what’s going on before either of us hit a frustration level that is unhealthy. And I’m much better at keeping my cynical side under control!

I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants a better understanding of themselves!

Dr. Anna Garrett
Asheville, NC



Rock Star Pam

Rock Star Pam

I feel like a totally new person… I feel solid and strong. I do believe I am brave. I am no longer embarrassed by any decisions I have made in life.

How did this happen?

How did I become such a brave, confident woman with far few secrets and hidden places? How did I become able to ask for what I want and get it? How did I get to the place of having fun in life even with shit happening around me? How did this happen? How did I create all of this?

I cannot believe this is all happening. I just pinch myself. I cannot believe the person I am today.

It is so amazing to me that I don’t even have the words really. I do believe in the person I am today. I know she is strong and smart and attractive. I know she will flourish.

I just feel free. Everything seems different. It’s kind of like a switch was flipped.

I am so very excited about everything. I am truly grateful that I brought you into my life. I am so thrilled that you have opened the universe up to me again.

Thank you for showing me the possibilities.

– Pam D., Ebensburg, PA



Jolynn and Jove after session

Jolynn with Jove

Before my session with Jove and Jana, I was unclear on a big program I was considering adding into my business. I believe the Universe speaks to us through others, and being in session was a true answer to a prayer.

I saw the program I was creating in a whole new light. A green light to be exact. I am the chief visionary in our company, and I do not make a move without a clear internal signal, and by being with Jove I was able to ‘see’ my choice manifest within my mind and feel it so strongly within my being. There is no denying the next step I wanted to take was the right one.

As a result of that session, I have begun the steps needed to move my choice forward, and other synchronicities are revealing themselves. We could say I am in ‘flow’ with the unfolding of our new business program.

Not only did it bring me peace of mind, it inspired me to take big steps with more confidence and certainty.
Jolynn V.A., New Jersey



Sarah with Jove

Sarah with Jove

I enjoyed our session… It was extremely powerful. I look forward to continued growth! It was also great getting to know you. You are such a delightful person with much insight!

I have noticed several shifts in how I feel. You taught me many valuable things during our session. I was amazed! I haven’t finished the book that you gave me, but what I have read so far has been instrumental in my journey toward happiness. There have been many times that I have used the information that you taught me as well as what is in the book to help me through sticky situations.

Thank you for your care and support!!

— Sarah J., Asheville, NC




Karen with Scamps

My seeming inability to progress in my riding was what initially inspired me to work with Jana. I had never worked with a mindset coach before, and was looking for tools to break through this invisible ceiling. For some reason, it was very easy to pour out what was being held in about my inner conflict… Kind of made me get the root of this issue instead of getting lost in all the many branches that evidence the issue.

Although it’s only been a day since our session, I feel very hopeful about where I’m going. I’m already using several of the concepts you shared with us, including “like attracts like”, “what you resist persists”, and staying in the moment.

If any of my friends or family asked if I would recommend you, I would say absolutely! Jana is a breath of fresh air in ANY situation and is amazing at deciphering your codes and putting what you already have on the right path.

–Karen C., Seneca, SC



Nicole with her stallion, Zeus

Nicole with her stallion, Zeus

Just wanted to thank you again for all your help and guidance! This weekend was absolutely magical, and it has been such an incredible thrill to see my dreams unfold right before my eyes!

I feel great! I was just thinking the other day that everything just feels more REAL. Colors seem brighter; dreams seem more tangible. It’s like I’m seeing the world in 3D now, instead of everything seeming just flat.

None of these changes would have come about without your help and encouragement, so I thank you for that! And on top of that, my relationship with Russell has always been great, but I have noticed a deeper connection and better understanding with him since you’ve been coaching me in other areas of my life!

–Nicole W., Flat Rock, NC



Shonnie and Jove

Shonnie and Jove looking on…

Two things stand out most from my experience with Jana and Jove. One is the wonderful non-intellectualness of the process. Finding answers to my questions was a tangible and obvious experience which made it incredibly powerful. The other is the space that Jana provides for the process to be “owned” by the participant. While she brainstormed with me, she never took the focus away from me or put words into my mouth. If you want to have an effective and enjoyable learning experience with an important issue in your life, I urge you to seek out the wise and compassionate duo of Jana and Jove.

— Shonnie L., Asheville, NC



When I walked close to Jove, I felt a deep connection with him… then with everything around me. And in those moments, I experienced a connection with every living thing in the Universe. A remarkable experience!

— Bruce M., Asheville, NC



Elena with Jove

Elena and Jove after their session

I must admit that at first due to my ignorance, lack of knowledge and my nature to be a little skeptical, I did not have a lot of conviction in Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning, but I was willing to give it a try. My first encounter with Jove was a bit intimidating at first… He looked huge, and therefore I was a bit scared to be close to him. While the people I was with were talking to him, petting him and so excited to be there, I stood back, witnessing their interaction. Later we were guided to the place for our “session” and Jana started explaining to us, in great detail, how the sessions would be held. She hadn’t even finished her explanation when I interrupted her to say, “I want to go first!” I was anxious, as is my nature, and wanted to just get it over with so I could justify to my skeptical self: “I tried. I am an open person…”

When I first entered the pasture, I felt some resistance, fear and skepticism. After a few steps toward him, Jove noticed me and turned his face toward me, so I stopped… Then he looked straight forward, so I continued to approach him. Once again, Jove turned his face to me and then looked forward again. At that moment, I asked myself, “What am I supposed to do now? Pet you? Talk to you? What?” Not knowing how to react, I did nothing at all. I just stayed there by him. He continued looking straight ahead, so I did the same…

Looking at the beautiful landscape in front of me, the first thought that came to my mind was, “LOOK FORWARD! Do not look back; there is a wide open horizon!” I enjoyed that thought and smiled. Looking at him again, I thought, “Well Jove, now what?” Like he was reading my mind, he turned around and started walking. Once again, I thought, “You are huge!” and got a little uncomfortable, but seconds later I touched him and began walking alongside him. It was at that moment when a catharsis occurred within me. I felt completely embraced by Jove. It was like he was telling me, “I’m here… Relax… Let me guide you… Let me walk by you.”

Let me tell you… I WILL NEVER FORGET what I felt. Do I have trust issues? YES! Is it hard for me to let go? Yes! Is it hard for me to let others guide me? YES!

The day after my session, I was having a conversation with my son and his friend and I noticed that I had learned how to feel in my body – and notice in the other people around me – how my energy can influence my ability to connect (or not) with others. I was amazed at the transformation I felt from just this one session with Jove and Jana!

So the experience with Jove taught me how GREAT it feels when you look toward the open horizon in front of you. How GREAT it feels to see I have so many steps to walk towards that horizon! And how GREAT it is to let others walk with you! It’s an experience that I will treasure for LIFE!

–Elena R., Asheville, NC



Rose and Jove

Rose thanks Jove after her session

I reflect upon my EFEL time with Jana Kellam and Jove, and I am amazed at how much of an imprint the event still has upon me. As I went into the session, I had no idea what to expect. With the instruction and thorough information Jana provided about the horse and what to anticipate from the experience—I felt a sense of ease.  She invited me to set an intention from the learning that was unique and personal. With that, I felt at home with an entirely new and different exploration of myself.

When the session began, I remembered part of what Jana had told me before entering the space with Jove—that the horse reflects back to us our deepest intentions and feelings. As a result, I recognized more fully my emotions of fear, joy, trust, and bliss. Being in contact with such a large creature, that is peaceful at his core, was powerful beyond measure. And, there was an engagement from the horse that felt deeper than any conversation I could have with a human.

The environment that Jana creates with Jove provides for a continued experience, even after the session has finished. Every day, I still feel the effects of what I gained from trusting the bigger picture, and trusting myself during the EFEL event. Most of all, I understand that no matter what happens, we are always our greatest teacher in each and every moment.

–Rose C., Asheville, NC



Shanna and JoveIn Nov 2012 I had the opportunity to share an afternoon with this beautiful creature, Jove, and his loving owner Jana Kellam.

Today I celebrate his life with the love & compassion he showed me.

Jove taught me one of life’s most critical lessons-

When you declare the direction you desire to go in this life ensure you do so with purpose.

You contain the ability to create forward movement and the movement only occurs when the declaration is created with conviction.

If your request is denied know it doesn’t mean anything.

You can fail over and over again and it still doesn’t mean anything about your ability to generate a response in the direction of your goal.

There is no loss of respect- simply uncertainty until the message is received with confidence.

Continue to stand in the direction of your purpose and continue to speak up as when the forward motion begins it’s powerful and you will know yourself as one who is able to move others.

With this comes the experience of what it means to risk and truly be alive with vigor.

#RIPJove #Gratitude

— Shanna D., Asheville, NC