Gwyneth and Chris are – gasp! – splitting up! But they can’t just call it a break-up like all us mere mortals, can they? No, they have to give it some woo-woo, fancy-pants name in a concerted effort to diminish and demean our own divorces. How rude!

<You can probably guess I’m being just a tiny bit sarcastic here.>

Seriously, though, I can’t imagine a better way to part ways than to do so in a thoughtful, conscious process. Nowadays, a relationship ending (especially a celebrity one) is so commonplace it’s almost expected. And along with the split, comes the ever-present battles over stuff and kids and whatever other subject of squabbling they can come up with.

When did this partnership outcome become the norm? Aren’t we ready for a new, less antagonistic way of closing out years (sometimes decades) of our lives?

I’m not suggesting here that you should leave your spouse. And I’m not trying to minimize or criticize how anyone else does their break-ups. What I am suggesting is that maybe there’s something to this whole Conscious Uncoupling thing. And I hope it does start trending (in real life and on Twitter).

You see, here’s the thing… There is nothing – absolutely nada – that has to feel like sh*t to us. Everything we are, all that we do and have can be experienced from a place of love. Like I always say, “You get to choose.”

You get to choose misery or ease.

Suffering or pleasure.

Anguish or delight.

And you don’t even have to work that hard to experience the ease, pleasure, and delight (instead of misery, suffering, and anguish). You tell a different story.

Gwyneth and Chris could have looked at the distance they were feeling from each other, the family they had created together, their fame and status in the limelight, and felt horribly about the demise of their marriage.

But they chose a different story. They chose to uncouple consciously… to lovingly separate… to compassionately disengage. You get the idea.

And you can, too. If you’re feeling at the end of your relationship rope, you can choose the next step that feels good, that feels free, that feels – dare I say it? – joyous!

I know this is a controversial subject and I’d love to hear from you. What are your thoughts on conscious uncoupling?