Last week, I wrote about the recipe for having the best year yet and that the “secret ingredient” is how you want to FEEL. After going through that process, what I realized is that I want to feel determined.

I want to make sure that my dreams come true.

I want to keep putting one foot in front of the other, even when it seems impossible.

I want to see my vision becoming reality, even when others don’t or can’t.

Determination is a feeling that I had quite a bit when I was younger. In fact, I found myself frequently so focused and determined that I barely noticed what was going on around me.

The way I see it, that was one extreme on the spectrum. Then, I explored the other end of the spectrum, which was a super laid back, laissez-faire approach, in which whatever happened was totally alright with me. I was just going with the flow and allow things to happen without action. But that flow was missing something vitally important for being able to experience the things I wanted in life.

I have always known that my life purpose is to help, support and uplift others. I haven’t always known exactly what that would look like, but I knew that basic foundation. In order to accomplish this goal (or any others), I had to take ACTION. And… I had to find that place of DETERMINATION to do whatever was necessary to make my dreams come true. To be of service. To soothe. To empower.

So, that’s my feeling of the year. I intend – in all I want to be, do and have – to be determined to succeed.

What about you? What do you want to feel this year? And what are your thoughts about determination?