A while back, I listened to a conference call given by Braveheart Woman about the Prosperity Hormone. I really enjoyed the information they provided, as it answered quite a few questions about why the current “masculine” model of doing business doesn’t feel right to me. Their basic premise is defined below from this blog:

The feminine prosperity hormone is oxytocin. This chemical inspires a woman’s bonding mechanism with her partner (released during sex, and especially orgasm), with her children (released during labor; causes uterine contractions), and during times when other forms of bonding occur. It allows women to relax. It’s known as the cuddle hormone. Women love how they feel when this chemical flows through their bodies, men love the adrenaline rush. Oxytocin is released in a man’s body, but testosterone negates it to a great degree in men. Adrenaline is an estrogen antagonist for women and blocks the release of oxytocin. When adrenaline is released in a woman’s body, she doesn’t feel good; when released in a man’s body, he feels enlivened.

Then, I was catching up on one of my favorite blogs – I Feel Good, My Horses Feel Good – and ran across this post, which basically explained why I feel the way I do when working with Jove. Here’s a passage from that post:

After reading Olmert’s book, I now have an explanation for my success. My ego wishes it’s because I have special abilities or talents. It turns out, according to history, science and research, that I’ve merely tapped into a very special and powerful stream. No, not a stream of consciousness, or a stream of living water but an innate stream of the fabulous, feel-good hormone called oxytocin.

Oxytocin is the bonding hormone and is directly responsible for my joy, and now, I guess, for this blog.

This fabulous stream is activated in both human and animals simultaneously during friendly interaction. And during these interactions, our oxytocin levels double! (pg. 213, Made for Each Other) The key words being friendly interaction.

I was floored by the connection in these two articles and mostly by the way it made me feel: FREE!

My tendency has been to do things in the “masculine” way, because I wasn’t sure how else to be in society. Now, I know that I can allow my instinct to bond, to enjoy, to have fun to be my guide in all I do!

During a coaching session with Barbara, we talked quite a bit about how I have (in the past) been unclear about what I wanted and what I was doing, because I doubted my own inner knowing. All of the “traditional” ways of working with horses – even “natural horsemanship” – didn’t feel good to me and I’m fairly certain they didn’t feel good to Jove.

So, now I have this whole new world that has been opened up to me (more about this later) and I’m making sense of my intense desire to use positive, attraction-based “training” methods to develop my bond with Jove and with all of our furry four-leggeds. I also realize that my main teacher will be me and that, while I will gain a lot of valuable information from all of my teachers, in the end… my own wisdom is where I’ll find the answers.