The Reason Why Nothing is Getting Done

When you have a goal, dream or desire, how often do you achieve it? Do you find yourself muddling along (you’ll find this quite punny later), sometimes getting things done and other times feeling like you’re just spinning around in circles?

Ultimately, we all have to be accountable to ourselves. However, my experience as part of my business coach’s mastermind group, where I have had an accountability partner (that’s all three of us in the picture above) to work with on all sorts of new, wonderful, upleveled experiences, has been the KEY to transforming my life and my business.

Anna Garrett (my accountability partner) and I have a standing weekly check-in session, where we talk about what we accomplished the past week, anything new and exciting, any blocks holding us back and what we intend to get done for the upcoming week. Our accountability partner relationship was designed, explained and encouraged by Christine Kane (our coach). At first, I was unsure about how helpful this would be, but I have to say… this one component has been worth the price of admission. Anna is a fabulous partner and we have both experienced so much growth together in the last year!

As strong, independent women, we often believe that we should be able to get everything done on our own and that we don’t need any help or support to get there. And while it is true that we are both strong and independent, having someone to be accountable to is akin to adding a turbo booster to your life.


Okay, I see your glazed over expressions… but let me give you an analogy.

Let’s say you go out to the barn for a ride. You plan to school some dressage movements from the level just above where you are currently showing. Then, you arrive at the barn and realize that your horse is covered in mud from a nice, luxurious rolling session.

“Yeah… maybe instead, I’ll just go give him an apple and then head home. The couch and my shows on Hulu are calling my name,” you mumble to yourself.

So, rather than accomplishing anything, you are now getting more… nothing.

But what if you knew you had a show this weekend? Or what if you had a lesson with your trainer tomorrow? Or how about a clinic with your favorite teacher in just a few short days?

You might make a different choice, right?

That’s why it’s helpful to have an accountability partner and a coach to get you taking consistent action. The only way to get where you want to go is to take steps to getting there.

Alrighty then! What actions are you going to take today?