“A mother is not a person to lean on but a person to make leaning unnecessary”  ~ Dorothy Canfield Fisher
My mother is truly quite extraordinary. She always managed to make magic out of the mundane. Even when, as a young girl, I was sure she was the most embarrassing human on the planet, I still recognized how lucky I was to be her daughter.There are a lot of reasons why my mother (who I call “Mama”) rocks! Here are the top 10:

10. She is kind.
9. She is wise.
8. She is an extraordinary artist.
7. She taught me to believe in my creativity and my ability to create my own life experience.
6. She’s funny and fun.
5. She always did – and continues to do – what she feels is best for our family.
4. The way with which she handles life’s challenges and sorrows has inspired me to find the same gentle, loving compassion in my life experiences.
3. She was my first teacher in learning to be a good coach: giving me tools, information and support and then letting me live my own life.
2. She was always patient, letting us find our own way to do things, rather than insisting on doing it for us.
1. She epitomizes love in all its many forms. I have never known my mother to not show love to anyone in her life, including those who most would have turned their back on. Even when she disagrees with or is completely at odds with someone’s life choices, she still finds something to love about them. She is a gift to her daughters, her family, her friends and the planet we all share.

Thank you so much, Mama!

So, tell me, what’s the best thing about your mom?