I started my Creative Time this week by listening to my binaural beats meditation track (appropriately titled “Spark”), sitting quietly on the couch next to my sleeping dog, with my favorite pen. My computer and my phone are both silenced and pushed out of reach.

I begin to write…

I’m ready. For inspiration. Creation. Awareness. Love. Honor. Integrity. Worldly goods. Love. Light. Happiness. Weee!!!! Motivation. Strength. Dapper (not sure why some of these words are coming up, but I’m just going with it). Joy. Excitement. Enthusiasm. Hugs. Warmth. Connection. Click. Understanding. Aha! Moments of light. Love. Ease. Flow. Wellness. Wellbeing. Speed. Relaxation. Breath. Yoga. God.

And then, I’m off on a tangent about God…

Ok, here’s the thing… this energy – that we all know by different names – is not apart from us or inside some other being.

It’s in us.

It is us.

You can feel that energy moving within you… especially in moments of great joy and excitement.

You can also see it in others… all others. Even those who have been labeled as “evil.” That part is much harder, isn’t it? But that’s also where the most growth can occur.

It’s easy to feel God/Source Energy/The Universe/Soul/The Divine/etc. when you are in love. Not so easy when you’re angry or hurt or abandoned or betrayed.

But what if that was the “point”? What if we are here in these physical bodies in this physical world to learn how to stay connected to that God part of ourselves? What if it’s not about just trying to muddle through our lives?

If it’s true that God created everything in “His image” and if it’s true that we are all “His children,” then doesn’t it also follow that we still have that Divine Thread running through us?

Perhaps when we behave in hurtful ways, we are blocking that Universal Life Force, but it’s still there… pulsing patiently beneath the surface. Waiting for us to allow it back in.

Or perhaps we can’t ever really push it away… Perhaps that “bad behavior” is part of God, too? What if God isn’t judging us after all? What if we get to choose different aspects of Source Energy to explore? And then we get to choose to keep exploring that same place or move on to a new aspect of our God-ness to learn about?

That would be a much “cleaner” approach to God, because then suddenly those grey areas would disappear. Suddenly, everything would become “Light.”

And we could follow that line of thinking to the next logical conclusion, which is that then everything would be the same. And if everything was the same, there would be no contrast. And with no contrast, we would have no opportunity for growth. And how boring would that be? And so we would find a way to look for differences so that we again could sort through the contrast to have clear preferences in our growth process. And on and on in an endless cycle.

Where are you in that cycle? What do you think about God?