Two Steps Forward…

As I was researching this concept in preparation for writing this article, I found a fascinating difference rise to the surface as far as how people think of this concept. I started by Google searching “two steps forward” and what I found was a lot of variety in the way this phrase was completed.

Some phrased it in an optimistic, if guarded, way: “Two steps forward, one step back.” So, you’re still making forward movement.Others had a significantly more pessimistic approach: “Two steps forward, three steps back.” Not so much on the whole forward movement thing, right?I think this epitomizes one of the major differences in mindset of most people on this planet. Some look at setbacks (“steps back”) as enormous obstacles that ultimately keep you from progressing in your life. Others, though, see them as temporary and ultimately a lesson that helps you get to where you want to go.

Many of you are probably familiar with the drawing above… it’s made the rounds on Facebook several times. Forgive me for reposting it here, but I think it is an excellent representation of this idea. Everyone wants success… some of us think we’re supposed to go in a straight line from where we are to where we want to go. That’s actually not usually the case.

In fact, most people who we’d describe as successful will explain that they weren’t always exactly sure where they were going. But they did have one important thing going for them: their focused mindset!

So here’s your mindset exercise for today: notice how you view life’s little – or big – setbacks. Do you find yourself immediately assuming that a step back means you’re heading in the wrong direction? Or do you see it as an opportunity to get even clearer about where you’re going?