I’ll spare you the details of my bout with the stomach flu last week (You’re welcome!), but I do want to share two things that I discovered:

  1. When you’re really busy and running around like a chicken with your head cut off and you fail to give yourself any downtime, your body will eventually intervene on your behalf… and then, instead of having a choice of when and how you stop to relax, your body will decide for you. So, you may as well go ahead and build in your down time proactively. 😉
  2. I often share with my husband the tools and tricks that have worked well with my clients during our evening chats about our day. Occasionally, he uses them “against me” when I least expect it. This particular time, as I was near hyperventilating from stomach pain and panicking about the wave of nausea I was experiencing, my wise husband touched my arm and softly repeated one of my tools to me: “It’s just a sensation.” And I realized – through a fever-tinged fog – that it works quite well!
Here’s what I mean: Whenever a client of mine has any sort of pain or physical discomfort, I remind them (and help them remind themselves) that “it’s just a sensation.” This works because it breaks the spell of fear that you’re never going to stop feeling whatever it is that has you so down and out.Once the spell is broken, you are able to get a new perspective that doesn’t have so much power over your mind. And when that happens, you’re freed up to shift to a more empowered, better-feeling place.

In this case, I wasn’t miraculously healed from the stomach flu and its associated discomfort, but I did feel totally different about it – and myself. Suddenly, instead of being the flu, I was being me – with the flu.

It’s a subtle, but very important, distinction.

And so, I dearly hope that you don’t end up getting sick any time soon, but if you do, feel free to use this tool and let it provide some measure of comfort to you. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this… share your comments below.