Horses are incredible teachers. 

And humans have long revered their ability to help us overcome emotional, physical and intellectual challenges. 

They guide us with patience, respect and infinite wisdom and can be instrumental in reflecting back to us how we unconsciously interact with others.

Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning (or EFEL) is a way of tapping into that, but without ever having to mount a horse. In fact, people often find they benefit more energetically from standing close to a horse than they ever have done riding one.

Horses are acutely aware of our emotional incongruences—if you’re a horse person, you’ll have experienced this firsthand. You can’t feel in control of a fifteen-hundred-pound creature underneath you if you’re feeling out of control internally.

It’s this same intuition that makes horses such incredible teachers. They can show us so much about how we feel and why we might be feeling that way.

I’m honored to work with these wise animals every day of my life. 

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