Brrrr… at least here in the mountains of western North Carolina, it has been super cold! I hope you’re staying cozy and warm wherever you are spending your winter!

Here’s something that’s come up a ton lately, so I’d like to go ahead and start addressing it now. Very often when human beings are working on their own personal growth, they learn that negative thinking is “bad” and so they do everything they can think of to stop doing it. There’s just one little problem with this strategy… it doesn’t work.

The problem with trying to make something (like negative thinking or bad moods) go away is that all you end up accomplishing is adding energy to that particular thing and therefore making it appear bigger in your experience.If you think about this concept, it makes sense, right? Even just the visual image of pushing against or resisting something gives that something weight. It makes it real, acknowledges it as something substantial and worthy of our attention… and very often, of our fear.

So, instead of trying to force these negative thoughts out of our minds by “just thinking happy thoughts,” what if we were to accept – and even honor – all of our thoughts?

Kinda takes the wind out of that story’s sails, doesn’t it?

If that feels impossible, try this instead:

When you feel any sort of bad-feeling thoughts creeping into your mind, ask yourself, “What am I afraid of?” And then be silent for a moment to listen for the answer.

Then, inquire within: “What is this fear afraid of?”

Because the thing is, it’s not the thing that’s actually making you feel yucky… it’s this false fear, this feeling of disconnection from your sense of self (of safety, security, etc.), that is causing that feeling. And you are the only one who has the ability to remove the power from the fear. Capiche?

You cannot make your resistance (bad moods, negative thinking, anxiety, etc.) go away by resisting it. Just like the War on Drugs didn’t make people stop doing drugs. AmIright?

So, are you resisting your own resistance? Let me know how and what you’re going to do about it by commenting below…